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Sean Reynolds

Are you scavenging the internet for those stories the mainstream media just won’t touch? The very news that affects us most each day, from crime to social unrest. On News for Reasonable People, host Sean Reynolds, a business owner and concerned citizen, reads the news every day, in a way that some might even call “reasonable.” Tune in for the most pressing news, and live coverage of the places you want to see but don’t want to be, and even documentary pieces and interviews the media doesn’t want to hear about. Make sure you subscribe and hit the notification bell to never miss an episode.
#1,208 - "Night of Rage": Antifa Rampages Through Portland, Declaring 'Death to SCOTUS'July 03, 2022 Episode artwork #1,207 - WA State leads nation in 10,000% increase in Catalytic Converter TheftJuly 03, 2022 Episode artwork #1,206 - Berkley, CA cleans up 500 pounds of garbage per person per year from homeless encampmentsJuly 02, 2022 Episode artwork #1,205 - Fundraising Photo op with Kamala from $15,000 to $5,000 to cancelledJuly 02, 2022 Episode artwork #1,204 - Man who Bashed Bus Door, Stole Cyclist's Bike, And Rode Onto I-5 Charged with Assault, TheftJuly 01, 2022 Episode artwork #1,203 - CNN has worst weekend since 2000 among critical demographic as viewers flee networkJuly 01, 2022 Episode artwork #1,202 - Former Aid to Los Angeles Council Member Jose Huizar Testifies About $100,000 BribeJune 30, 2022 Episode artwork #1,201 - Insurance company to pay $5.2 million to woman who caught STD in carJune 30, 2022 Episode artwork #1,200 - WA State leads nation in 10,000% increase in Catalytic Converter TheftJune 29, 2022 Episode artwork #1,199 - Supreme Court Rules: Constitution protects right to carry a gun outside the homeJune 29, 2022 Episode artwork #1,198 - Bullet crashes through Portland Dinner Cruise Ship while on tripJune 29, 2022 Episode artwork #1,197 - Rioter gets 10 years in prison for his part in BLM/Antifa Portland ProtestsJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork #1,196 - Protestor injured on Interstate 5 during Summer of Love protest files suitJune 28, 2022 Episode artwork #1,195 - City of Seattle settles wrongful death lawsuit of teenager gunned down at CHOPJune 27, 2022 Episode artwork #1,194 - Caterpillar Moving Headquarters From Illinois to Dallas-Fort WorthJune 27, 2022 Episode artwork #1,193 - Here's Why The Housing Market Will Not Tank In This RecessionJune 26, 2022 Episode artwork #1,192 - Spring Graduates hand Pride Flags in protest at a Seattle Christian UniversityJune 25, 2022 Episode artwork #1,191 - Mysterious Creature Caught on Video Outside Amarillo ZooJune 24, 2022 Episode artwork #1,190 - National Sriracha Sauce Shortage Coming to a Town Near YouJune 24, 2022 Episode artwork #1,189 - DT Portland Facing Epidemic of Commercial Buildings Being Sold as Crime RagesJune 24, 2022 Episode artwork #1,188 - 11 members of Antifa indicted by Grand Jury on Violent San Diego Attack ChargesJune 23, 2022 Episode artwork #1,187 - NYPD Exodus: The Greatest Number of Police on Pace to Quit or Retire EVERJune 21, 2022 Episode artwork #1,186 - 911 audio: Suspect tells dispatcher to call off Seattle PD pursuit, citing new law (erroneously)June 20, 2022 Episode artwork #1,185 - Prominent Far-Left BLM Activist Arrested After Cockroaches Released Inside An Albany CourthouseJune 20, 2022 Episode artwork #1,184 - Boston Agency Launching Pilot Program for Urine Detection Sensors in ElevatorsJune 19, 2022 Episode artwork